Tips for Interviewing with the Hiring Manager

Tips for Interviewing with the Hiring Manager

By Cynthia Stutz, Director of Recruiting

 Centennial Data Group

Phone interviews are daunting for some candidates and a breeze for others. How do you remain memorable to the interviewing manager over the telephone?

First of all, we suggest that each candidate be an active listener.  Listening skills are key. Recruiters by trade are connected to the telephone daily. We can hear emotions, pauses, sighs and energy – good or bad. So, before taking the interview call, review the requirement, take a deep breath and listen closely.

Tips to help improve your next interview

  1. If you have interviewing anxiety…

Conduct a mock interview with a friend, family peer, whoever. Ask for feedback on the following:

  • The pace of your responses: Speaking too slowly, too fast, long winded, abruptness
  • Energy level: Positive? Low? Nervous?
  • Responses to the questions asked: Clear, concise and articulate, Vague and circular
  1. Take the call in a quiet place, such as a conference room, or your own home. Make sure your connection is good. Do not interview while driving. There is nothing professional about hearing dogs barking, the television, or other voices.
  2. Take notes, (if you are able write down the questions asked of you).
  3. Keep answers short, concise and relevant to the job requirement.

Prepare a five minute elevator pitch explaining your current and relevant positions. Be prepared to effectively answer “why” you are making a change.

  1. Managers may ask about achievements, regardless, prepare at least one current example such as:

a)    How you created a process

b)    Improved a process

c)    Saved the company money

d)    Made the company money

  1. Listen for positive queues from the manager, such as, speaking in a future tense, a request to schedule a second interview, or an inquiry about your potential start date.
  2. Keep personal crisis/drama issues out of the conversation.
  3. Do not disparage your current employer.